Custom Cowboy Work and Wild Cow Catching

Feral Livestock Removal

We specialize in removing feral and unmanageable horses, cattle, and burros from both private and public lands.

Custom Cowboy Work

We are available for custom cowboy jobs from branding to weaning. We use our own crew and horses. Give us a call if you have a job you’d like to hire out; we’re game to take on most anything.

Rope Horses

By the time our horses are offered for sale, they have been there and done that. All have been roped on in the arena and used in all aspects of ranch work.

He packs a 30 foot rope with a good stout horn knot/He’s right as rain when you get yourself in a tight spot…

“support your local cowpuncher” by daron little

If the job involves a horse, a rope, and a cow, give us a call.

About Us

We are a family owned business based out of Fallon, Nevada with service to all Western states.

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Get In Touch

  • contact@jylivestockgathering.com
  • Jim Young (775) 385-9354
  • Jolyn Young (775) 346-0241

Mailing Address

JY Livestock Gathering LLC
5853 Solias Road
Fallon, NV 89406