About Us

JY Livestock Gathering LLC is headquartered in Montello, Nevada, with service to all western states. We specialize in catching feral or unmanageable cattle. Our services also include contract ranch work, such as completing the spring and fall works or taking care of cattle for a season.

Past Performance:

  • Spanish Ranch, June 2020:
    • Branded 2,000 head of calves and scattered bulls
    • Gathered 12 maverick cows, 9 maverick bulls, and 69 2- to 4-year-old steers
    • Gathered and moved 2,000 head of steers
  • Spanish Ranch, October 2020:
    • Gathered and weaned 4,200 head of mother cows
    • Sexed, classed, branded, and shipped calves
  • Sand to Snow National Monument, November 2020:
    • Gathered and removed mature maverick bulls left by previous contractors
    • Caught and led cattle out of extremely rough and remote country
  • Del Mar Mountains, Southern Nevada, January-March 2021:
    • Removed maverick cattle
    • Completed the work with a 1- to 3-man crew

Give us a call today if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you operate more efficiently by providing a seasonal crew or removing unwanted livestock.

Jim Young: (775) 385-9354

Jolyn Young: (775) 346-0241

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